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I have taught contemporary dance, creative movement and improvisation to all ages and abilities both in the UK and internationally since 2008.

  • Mala Cherga Theatre 2009-2021

  • Arte Diem summer school, Romania 2009

  • Half Moon Theatre, London 2010

  • The Laban Centre 2011

  • BLINK Dance Theatre 2014

  • Central School of Ballet 2015

  • Goldsmiths University of London 2015-present

  • University of East London 2016

  • National Youth Theatre 2017

  • Lycée Charles de Gaulle 2016-present

  • Lycée Marie D'Orliac 2018-2020

  • Recent projects:

    Countermapping the City - - - Workshops on urban street play, reimagining how to be and move in the city. BA Politics students at Goldsmiths University. 

    Myself and Others -*-* Dance research project with school pupils aged 7 and 8. What makes you, you? How are we different to others? How are we the same? Using improvisation, reflection and visualisation, children made body maps and danced self- portraits to create group performances.

    In Celebration of Trees >> 4 month performance project with 4-5 year olds inspired by our fascination and love of trees.

    Storytime << Ongoing London-wide project for community dance groups (from 3 years old) using storytelling to explore dance, body and space.


School creative dance project inspired by the Alexander Caulder exhibition at Tate Modern, 2016

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