I first experienced yoga during my dance training at the Laban Centre in 2007. I loved the combination of strength, stamina and mindful surrender all in one class. I continue to combine yoga with my other body conditioning training but there is so much more to yoga than exercise for me. I experience it as a dance, whether that be in a flowing vinyasa sweat session or the slow and quiet nuance of yin. In my classes I invite you to do the same, finding expression in your own body and breath. The physical and mental wellbeing that builds through regular practice is what it’s all about for me. A peaceful presence in both mind and body and I aim to bring humour and compassion to every class.

As a professional contemporary dancer and teacher, I bring my lifetime experience of working with the body, somatic awareness and an open attitude to my classes. I love helping people to explore their own physical capabilities, have fun and let go. I trained with Michele Pernetta, Karen Bellfield and Emma Croft at Fierce Grace, London (hatha and hot yoga) in March 2017, with Sarah Lo in 2019 (Yin yoga), and with Melanie Cooper (Yoga Nidra) in 2020. I have studied pranayama and breathwork under Pete Cherry, Alan Dolan and Donna Farhi.


Weekly Wind-downs

In Spring 2020 I began leading weekly rest sessions via Zoom to keep my community connected to themselves and each other

More than a year later, the sessions continue once a week.

Join us! For an hour of mindful breathing, gentle movement and guided relaxation.